Bye Bloat & IBS.

Hello Happy Gut!

IBS is Total B.S.

Constant Bloating is NOT Normal.

You shouldn't have to stress and worry about where the closet bathroom is when you're out trying to enjoy a meal.  And no, you shouldn't have to only live on a handful of boring "safe" foods

 When it comes to gut health, I get pretty sassy and opinionated because by the age of 23, I was already getting regular colonoscopies and popping 4 different meds for my IBS and heartburn. Navigating my own gut health issues is exactly what motivated my journey from the traditional medicine approach to a more functional root cause approach for myself and for others. I will never forget the frustration of popping Tums like candy and the embarrassment of the LOUD gurgling, bubbling, and belching that I had zero control over and would always happen at the quietest of times…so fun to try and hide or explain. I wish my doctor would have tested for infection or parasites, considered my anxiety and declining mood were connected to my gut health, asked me about my diet and lifestyle(hello rum and cokes and ramen noodles, I was a stressed out poor college student!)or even explained WHY my gut was so inflamed instead of pumping me full of steroids, acid reducers, and anxiety meds. Can you relate? SO frustrating!



It’s possible through a root cause approach.

 Here's How:

  • My personal favorite way to analyze gut health is through a comprehensive stool analysis. By simply analyzing your stool we can uncover things like malabsorption, bacterial infections, yeast infections, parasites, inflammation, blood in the stool, lack of digestive enzymes, gluten intolerance and more.
  • Once we identify the root cause, we work together to correct it through a personalized plan of action and continued support.                         

    Did You Know?

  • Poor gut health can also cause things like acne, chronic fatigue, brain fog, poor immune system, hormonal imbalances, and even anxiety and depression
  • It all starts in the gut!!


What's the Process?

You will receive a stool collection kit to be done in the comfort of your own home. You just send it through the mail back to the lab and you will receive results in about 3 weeks. You will then have a 1:1 consultation with myself and a Functional Dietician where we will explain your results and put together a personalized plan of action for you. We know support is everything, so we also provide 90 days of continued 1:1 support via a private communication app so we can be available to any continued questions as you implement your personalized plan.


Remember, your symptoms are just your body’s way of communicating to you. Traditional medicine attempts to silence the symptoms by giving them a cute generic name like “IBS” or inflammatory bowel disease as a way of hiding the fact that the root cause hasn't been uncovered in order. This keeps you reliant on meds and regular visits to your doc for followups, more testing, and continued refills.

If you are ready to try a different approach,  we are excited to support and guide you. Let’s do this!

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