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Elevate is not just a health program, it’s an experience to elevate your mood, energy, focus, motivation and vibe like never before. We will uncover underlying biochemical and genetic root causes of low energy and mood, anxiety, brain fog and also mystery gut health issues because it’s all connected!

What you'll get:

  • Elevate, Kelly Rompel’s signature program, is not just a health program, it’s an experience to elevate your mood, energy, focus, motivation, and vibe like never before.
  • Elevate is THE program for uncovering potential underlying biochemical and genetic root causes of low energy and mood, anxiety, brain fog, and also mystery gut health issues(because It’s all connected!) 
  • This experience is right for you if you appreciate a holistic approach and are excited to uncover vitamin and mineral deficiencies, gut imbalance, toxic heavy metal load, and genetic predispositions in order to improve your mood, focus, and energy levels.
  • This experience includes access to Kelly, a health coach, plus guest expert speakers. Expect a personalized approach with the added benefit of a community of like minded people who are equally dedicated to improving their overall health and wellness.
  • Other topics being discussed in this program:  ADHD, anxiety, insulin resistance, autism, low-toxin living, inflammation, adrenal burnout, gut health, hormones, mindset work, and even manifestation and other fun woo-woo topics.
  • Genetics Test (saliva collection) kit included
  • Metabolic Test kit (finger stick + urine collection) included
  • Full report of genetics results along with personalized recommendations. 
    • 6 panel report  of genetic results including
    • Sleep: Circadian Rhythms, stress response, and more including personalized recommendations on sleep optimization based on your genes. 
    • Immunity: Your vitamin D profile, methylation(MTHFR genes), inflammation, detoxification
    • Nutrition:Diet breakdown(fats, carbs, proteins, micronutrients), food addiction, weight gain due to fats/carbs, lactose intolerance risk, gluten sensitivity risk, suggested eating schedule, insulin resistance risk, satiety
    • Hormones & Fitness: androgen/estrogen dominance risk, skin health(cystic acne and cellulite risk), Hair health, Fitness and recovery(best workout for you and suggested recovery time)
    • Cardiovascular: cardiovascular inflammation, cholesterol risk, statin medication response, high blood pressure risk
    • Mood & Behavior: addiction risk, stress(burnout, anxiety), focus(ADHD, motivation, distractibility, fear), irritation/frustration, depressive tendencies
    • **All genetic panels include suggested targeted supplements based on your genetics 
  • Comprehensive nutrient and metabolic panel to help determine potential root causes. This test evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, catecholamine metabolites and other select nutrients along with heavy metal toxicity markers. 
  • One 60 minute 1:1 zoom call for Q & A with Kelly to discuss lab findings, supplements etc
  • One 30 minute 1:1 zoom call with your health coach to discuss implementation of your personalized plan of action
  • Four group calls per month with Kelly, a health coach, and/or Guest speakers 
  • Access to the Elevate Facebook community for 12 months 
  • Access to the Educational Portal which houses all record calls/educational videos for 12 months
  • 15% off supplements 
  • After first year in the community, option for yearly repeat labs plus community access for additional 12 months
  • **I am unable to work with NY, RI or International Customers**