Private 1:1 Health Consulting 

Always Exhausted? Have Brain Fog?

Gut Issues?

Hormonal Imbalances?


Tired of bandaiding your symptoms and being told your labs are “normal” while still feeling terrible? 

A root cause approach is what you've been missing...

Have you been searching for a practitioner who actually takes time to listen, has a root cause approach utilizing advanced functional lab testing, provides fully personalized protocols, supports you 1:1 for months, and provides you with dietician support?

Because I do all of these things for my clients. Why? Because that's what it takes for them to heal. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and I am NOT just another one of those holistic practitioners whose idea of healing is recommending dozens of supplements and sending you on your way.

That’s just another band-aid approach…and it never works long term


Inside my private 1:1 health consulting services we believe in digging deep so I include test kits that assess for a wide variety of potential into root causes including:

  • A Comprehensive Stool Analysis: gut overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and parasites, viruses, gut inflammatory markers, gluten intolerance, lack of digestive enzymes
  • A Full Hormones and Cortisol Panel:  cortisol levels and patterns throughout the day, cortisone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, DHEA-S, progesterone (and their metabolites-super important and not tested at your docs office!),phase 1 and 2 metabolism of hormones, and melatonin
  • A Baseline Functional Lab that Covers the Following: vitamin/mineral deficiencies, heavy metal levels, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin metabolites, oxidative stress, mitochondria strength, amino acids, & environmental toxins just to name a few. 


How Does The Process Work?

The lab kits are in-home lab collection kits sent directly to you, nice and convenient.

Results come back within just 2-3 weeks

Your package includes three separate 1:1 60-90 minute long zoom calls with myself and a Functional Dietician so we can walk you through your lab kit results one by one, explain them fully, and provide you with your personalized plan of action based on your lab findings. 

I take a fully holistic approach so your plan of action may be a combination of nutrition/diet support, lifestyle modification suggestions, targeted supplements if necessary for gut infection or eradication of overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, parasites etc, liver/detox support if necessary, sleep optimization, and nervous system regulation support. 

You will have 5 months of continued support via a private communication app that is checked and responded to daily M-F so your personal health consultant team is accessible when you need us the most.

If my services feel in alignment and you’re ready to finally get answers and real support, join us.

**FYI, we cannot provide services to NY, RI, or NJ residents and can service US residents only due to lab kit restrictions.

After your purchase you will receive an email requesting shipping info so we can order your lab kits and intake forms 

 I’m excited to guide and support you!

The investment for my 1:1 program has two payment options

Payment Plan


for 4x Months


Pay In Full




Still have questions?

Send an email to [email protected] and ask away!