Ending the Vicious Cycle of Burnout and Chronic Exhaustion IS possible!



Taking High Performing Women with Burnout from Exhausted To Energized With Advanced Functional Lab Testing and a Personalized Root Cause Approach



I want to help you understand AND correct the underlying root causes of your chronic fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and anxiety so you can feel like your old energetic, happy, and productive self again.


 If you are tired of bandaging your symptoms, tired of hearing "your labs are normal" when you know deep down something is wrong, and are ready to work closely with a team of professionals who want to dig deeper, take the time to hear you and support and guide you... We are here for you!


Welcome to Bye Burnout! 

Bye Burnout is a customized step by step system we developed to improve your energy, focus, anxiety, and boost your mood naturally!

Working with us uncovers the root causes of WHY you are struggling with low energy, anxiety, brain fog, frustrating weight gain, and mystery gut health issues(because It’s all connected!) 

You will receive 1:1 personalized support and guidance from a functional medicine pharmacist AND a Functional Dietitian who will be working with you to understand what your labs mean, helping you implement your personalized plan of action, and cheering you on because continued support is KEY! 


Here’s What's Inside My Proven Step by Step System:

  • FREE Advanced Functional Lab Testing included that assesses vitamin / mineral deficiencies, cortisol levels, gut imbalances, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin metabolites, heavy metals, and so much more included with your six month membership!
  • 1:1 Call with a team member for your personalized protocol based on your lab findings
  • Weekly step by step lessons to address your burnout and take a holistic approach to your correcting your root cause issues
  • Direct & Private 1:1 Communication for Additional Support & Guidance with our Team for 6 entire months!


**No NY, NJ, or RI Clients Can Be Accepted In our Program at this Time**

Other Bonuses Included Because We Love You and Want To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Achieve Your Goals:

  • Your personal customized targeted supplement list based on your test results/vitamin deficiencies, and symptoms(No more guessing what supplements you actually need!)
  • Meditations customized especially for our clients
  • Supplement discounts 
  • Our personal favorite parasite protocol(because they are way more common than you think!)
  • Meal prep guide
  • Making gluten free easy guide
  • A guide to stocking your medicine cabinet full of natural alternative medicine for treatment and prevention of the common cold/flu, constipation, pain, wound healing, acne, and so much more!

Sneak Peak of Just a Couple of the Functional Lab Markers...

Program Pricing

Pay in Full for $2,799

OR $500 per month for 6 months

Still have questions?  Let's chat! 

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I FEEL you on the struggle and frustration of unmanaged anxiety, brain fog, irritability, and chronic fatigue. 


It's Brutal. I've Been There Too Many Times. 


I watched myself slowly go from fun, energized, and motivated to exhausted, anxious, and irritable. I felt like a zombie most days, always tired in the morning, crashing by the afternoon, addicted to caffeine, and irritable AF. I felt guilty because I had zero extra energy to give to my kids or husband and so moody that and couldn't even stand being around myself most days. It felt like 24/7 PMS that never went away. 

What changed for me?

I got the clarity I needed with advanced functional lab testing and seeing the impact my lifestyle, diet, stress, and lack of boundaries was having on my adrenals, cortisol levels, and hormones was very eye opening. No wonder I was having such severe symptoms...My hormones were wrecked, I had many vitamin deficiencies, I had candida in my git, and my cortisol levels were terrible. Once I saw it on paper, it all made sense and I knew it was time to start taking it seriously. I also knew that just “self-care” wasn't going to cut it. A day at the spa wasn't going to reverse the damage I had done. It forced me to take a truly holistic approach and look at all areas of my life: my nutrition, sleep, relationships, faith, stress, and lack of boundaries because it was all playing a role. Beating this vicious cycle of burnout became my focus moving forward and because of it, my personal and professional life started to THRIVE. I now know the healthier and happier I am, the more successful I am. I have become resilient AF to stress and have now helped countless women regain their energy, let go of anxiety, and improve focus through my proven step by step approach utilizing advanced functional labs and a root cause approach. This has become my absolute favorite thing to help my clients with! 


I developed a proven step by step system with the help of advanced functional labs to help my clients uncover underlying root causes of their brain fog, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. I know everyone is different, and true recovery only comes with a personalized experience. Dr Google is a scary and confusing place. I’m here to take the guesswork out, so you can get back to feeling like your most productive, energetic, and motivated self. 


You deserve it and it’s absolutely possible. 




Happy Clients!


After years of seeing doctors and naturopaths who told me my labs were normal and my symptoms were “just stress”, Kelly got to the root of my health issues and worked with me on the supplements and lifestyle changes needed to become a functional human being. I have more energy in my 30s than I did as a teenager, my skin is clearing up for the first time in my life, and the massive bloating society says is normal…gone (ps-it’s not normal!). She truly cares about all aspects of a person's health; physical, emotional, spiritual. Working with Kelly is more than worth the investment, and I wish I’d found her sooner!

"Caitlin C."




"When I found Kelly I was almost completely out of hope of living a normal life. I was constantly fatigued, super bloated and felt terrible after everything I ate and unable to lose weight, I had extreme brain fog and my anxiety and depression were at an all time high. After changing my depression and anxiety medication three times without any improvement and after 2 other doctors telling me I just needed more sleep since all my blood work came back normal I was starting to believe I was beyond help. I scheduled a consultation with Kelly as a last ditch effort at feeling human again and it has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. From the beginning Kelly made me feel extremely comfortable, she is incredibly friendly and facilitates a nonjudgmental and open dialogue which enables a strong provider and client connection that is often lacking in telemedicine. Kelly explains her thought process and reasoning behind that she performs. She takes her time going over your test results stopping to explain what each measurement means , how it applies to your body and steps to take to correct what is wrong. Kelly is so devoted to her clients, your wins are truly her wins. I can’t thank Kelly enough for giving me my life back! I’m off all my anxiety and depression medications, actually able to concentrate in school, and down 10 pounds without feeling crappy after every meal."





Working with Kelly has changed my life-yes, I know it sounds eye grabbing for a review, but stick with me and you’ll see why you NEED this woman in your life! I am a Physician Assistant, and the last three years working in the Pandemic nearly took me out. The stress, the sadness, the chaos-I did anything I could to just survive it all. And that meant a lot of poor lifestyle choices (binging, drinking, not exercising) to cope. I gained nearly 100lbs, and found myself sluggish, depressed, with persistent joint pain, sleeping poorly, and a level of brain fog that was affecting my ability to work. I found Kelly on TikTok, was a bit skeptical, and found myself completely convinced and excited after just the first call with this wonderful woman. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t developed any medical problems before attempting to get healthy again-so it was a great fit.

Through the entire process, Kelly helped me physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and has become an amazing mentor and friend. My brain fog is gone, my gut is no longer going haywire (INTESTINAL YEAST ANYBODY?!), my sleep cycle is regulated, I am waking up more energized, and I am NO LONGER ON ANY ANTI-DEPRESSANTS (all caps because HELL YES). I fell in love with functional medicine and the results I experienced while working with Kelly, and now have started my own business to try and help others the same way Kelly has helped me. Who writes a review like this when they are now *technically* a competitor?! That’s how good she is. If you’re on the fence, just take the call, I promise you’ll be so glad you did. Health and happiness to all who see this <3


(and now doctoral candidate for Functional Medicine and PA Studies!)




"Working with Kelly brought me so much clarity about my ADHD, anxiety, and off and on stomach issues. Not only did she do many labs and genetic testing which was really eye opening, but I felt HEARD for the first time ever. She took the time to listen and personalize a plan for me. Within a couple months of working with her, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and could actually focus without meds. We made simple changes to my diet, lifestyle, and supplements. No more traditional doctor visits for me. Functional medicine is life changing. Thank you Kelly!"

-Lauren P.




“I had always felt like no one really understood what I was feeling prior to working with Kelly. She truly listened to what I had to say and was able to explain to me the why behind how I was feeling.  I’ve had it all, from anxiety to chronic fatigue to gut issues to constant brain fog. I had all but accepted that this was just how things were always going to be for me, and then Kelly came into my life. I am only at the beginning of this new journey, but have already felt such an improvement just by implementing a few of Kelly’s recommendations that were tailored just to fit me. This chronic napper hasn’t felt the need for a nap in over a month, and my focus and concentration has been better than I even knew was possible. The fact that I know I am only getting started and Kelly is continually right by my side to help me along the way is just fueling my fire to continue to work towards being the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Thank you Kelly for genuinely caring about me! I am forever grateful that our paths crossed”

-Quinn P