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Trying to get through life while you're suffering from a long list of ADHD & high-functioning anxiety symptoms is no joke.

I know because I’ve been exactly where you are right now. It’s even more frustrating and soul-destroying when you can't find the answers you're looking for and you feel forced to give in to your diagnosis.

Hi, I’m Kelly Rompel, a Holistic Pharmacist, Best Selling Author, and Certified Epigenetic Consultant. I help you uncover the root cause of your ADHD & high-functioning anxiety so you can learn how to correct the underlying issues and better manage your symptoms. I know what it’s like to feel you have no control over your symptoms. Hello overwhelm, procrastination, and anxiety! Once I discovered the world of epigenetics and functional medicine, I felt like I could breathe again and start taking charge of my life. 

Now I'm dedicating all my passion and energy to helping you reach your health goals and live life to your highest potential!

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Release Your ADHD Superpower

My one-of-a-kind holistic-based program uses genetic testing and functional medicine labs to design a personalized health and wellness plan to help you correct the underlying root cause and better manage your ADHD and anxiety symptoms.

What my clients are saying...

I’m here to support you every step of the way, empower you, and show you that you aren't broken!

"Working with Kelly brought me so much clarity about my ADHD, anxiety, and off and on stomach issues. Not only did she do many labs and genetic testing which was really eye opening, but I felt HEARD for the first time ever. She took the time to listen and personalize a plan for me. Within a couple months of working with her, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and could actually focus without meds. We made simple changes to my diet, lifestyle, and supplements. No more traditional doctor visits for me. Functional medicine is life changing. Thank you Kelly!"

Lauren P.

"ADHD and high functioning anxiety both cause lack of impulse control as well as feelings of everyone is against you and you’re always left out. This is what was happening to our 7-year-old daughter prior to doing testing with Kelly.  Through gene testing not only did we find out exactly what made my daughter be a rocket ship with no stopping, but we also found a way to make it better! We implemented the changes Kelly suggested and we have noticed a significant difference! I only wish we did it sooner! We did have to do some supplement switches, Kelly was so helpful in finding alternatives. For those on the fence due to cost, trust me it’s well worth it! To me, it’s worth seeing my daughter happy and thriving and not out of control when she really couldn’t help it!"

Jamie V.

"I have dropped pounds, eaten right, have my head together, found more energy than I ever dremt possible, begain walking pretty much every day now, sleeping all night and waking up EARLY and energized, accomplished more than I ever used to, greater focus and concentration, clarity in trusting my gut and following my intuition, feeling happy and way less depressed. My Self-Confidence and Self Control are at an all-time high!"

Katie T.

Why do I use epigenetics?

Genetic testing takes all the guessing away and allows you to see exactly what’s going on inside your body. I  like to call it the gateway to optimal health. Once you find out the root cause of all your symptoms, it’s so much easier to reduce and eliminate them. You can’t get more specific than your DNA, and that's why I love genetic testing. It’s the only way to discover what lifestyle changes to make so you can achieve your health goals and live a better life.

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