Ready To Improve Your ADHD Focus, Reduce Anxiety, Clear Brain Fog, and Boost Your Mood and Energy?

What if you no longer had to rely on multiple caffeine drinks or your stimulant meds to feel productive and motivated?  

Imagine not having debilitating anxiety and overwhelm stopping you from having a thriving career, a clean home, or a to-do list that doesn’t feel like a monster lurking over you…

I want to help you become more productive and eliminate your brain fog and constant fatigue…



 If you are tired of bandaging your symptoms, tired of hearing "your labs are normal" when you know deep down something is wrong, and are ready to work closely with a team of professionals who want to dig deeper, take the time to hear you and support and guide you... We are here for you!



Increasing your focus, ending anxiety, and improving your motivation IS possible!

I FEEL you on the struggle and frustration of unmanaged anxiety, ADHD, and chronic fatigue. 


It's brutal. 


I can remember feeling beyond frustrated in school not understanding why I couldn't focus. It took me twice as long to complete homework and to study for exams than my friends. I honestly felt stupid and embarrassed… 


Fast forward to adult life in the workforce…I couldn’t stay awake at my desk and my anxiety was through the roof. I would have to read and reread emails over and over because I couldn't focus and comprehend what I’m reading.  Every sound around me was overstimulating and a huge distraction .  


Caffeine was my best friend and I would panic if I forgot to bring multiple energy drinks with me to work. And of course that meant I couldn't sleep, so it only added to the vicious cycle. 


I found myself with a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, IBS, and hormone imbalances. Four medications later and I still wasn't feeling any better.


After years of frustration with my own health issues, I finally found a holistic approach that enabled me to improve my focus, anxiety, and mystery gut health problems naturally. 


Through a ton of research, trial and error with supplements, functional labs, genetic testing, and education from multiple health coaching and epigenetic certification programs, I was able to get to the root cause of my symptoms and actually correct them instead of bandaiding them. 


My focus and energy were at an all time high.  My mood improved too, and everyone wanted to know how I did it. Helping people thrive naturally quickly became my obsession. 


I developed a system with the help of labs and genetics to help my clients uncover underlying root causes of their brain fog, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. I know everyone is different, and true recovery only comes with a personalized experience. Dr Google is a scary and confusing place. I’m here to take the guesswork out, so you can get back to feeling like your most productive, energetic, and motivated self. 


You deserve it and it’s absolutely possible. 


Here’s how…

Work 1:1 with our team for a customized plan to improve ADHD focus, reduce anxiety, and boost mood and energy.

Working with us uncovers the root causes of WHY you are struggling with low energy, anxiety, brain fog, frustrating weight gain, and mystery gut health issues(because It’s all connected!) 

You will receive 1:1 personalized support and guidance from a functional medicine pharmacist AND a dietician who will be working closely with you, cheering you on and helping you implement your personalized plan of action. 

The testing included in this program gives you the information about your health...but the real secret to your success is the hands-on support and guidance you will receive from your team.

This isn’t a 10 minute office visit where you get told your labs are normal, and you just need to lose weight, exercise, then “good luck, see you in a few months.” We go much deeper and work closely with our clients over several months.

If you’re ready for a holistic mind, body, soul approach, and you’re tired of bandaiding your symptoms, our 1:1 consulting is the perfect fit for you.

Now is your time for a personalized plan of action and daily support.

Book a FREE call HERE to speak w/ Kelly for all the details!

Happy Client!

After years of seeing doctors and naturopaths who told me my labs were normal and my symptoms were “just stress”, Kelly got to the root of my health issues and worked with me on the supplements and lifestyle changes needed to become a functional human being. I have more energy in my 30s than I did as a teenager, my skin is clearing up for the first time in my life, and the massive bloating society says is normal…gone (ps-it’s not normal!). She truly cares about all aspects of a person's health; physical, emotional, spiritual. Working with Kelly is more than worth the investment, and I wish I’d found her sooner!

"Caitlin C."

Here’s What Your Personalized 1:1  Journey Will Look Like

Step 1: Lab Testing

The reason most people feel like ADHD can't be managed or improved is because they have been taught by their doctors and big pharma that ADHD is simply a dopamine deficiency that only meds can fix. Then doctors run regular generic lab work and tell you “everything’s normal” then give you a diagnosis and write you a script for a stimulant when they haven't even run the appropriate tests to look further into the root cause. This often leaves people very frustrated because it’s a bandaid approach that often leads to more side effects and honestly isn’t a safe long term solution.  

So instead, we're doing something completely different here.

The very first thing we are going to do is run advanced functional labs specific to ADHD/anxiety. These are not your typical doctor office tests you've done several times before during routine checkups, these are advanced, convenient at home kits that go deeper than the typical labs that always come back normal and give no real answers. These labs will uncover the specific vitamin/mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicities, and gut imbalances that are contributing to your brain fog, anxiety, and low energy levels.

Functional lab kits will be sent to your home. These kits are so advanced, NO blood draw is needed. All collections are done in the comfort of your own home.  Your lab results help to uncover potential root causes of your fatigue, difficulty with focus, and anxiety like:

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies contributing to reduced production of dopamine and serotonin 
  • Gut imbalances such as candida overgrowth, malabsorption, and maldigestion contributing to fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety 
  • Heavy metal toxicities that are keeping you sick, fatigued, and ruining your focus
  • Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin metabolite levels that can indicate gut and neurotransmitter imbalance contributing to anxiety, lack of motivation and brain fog.

Step 2: Gut Reboot

So I'm guessing that that along with ADHD and anxiety, you are also experiencing gut health issues like heartburn, irritable bowel, & mystery bloating?  Well I see those in combination ALL the time and that's because your gut health affects your mental health. It’s all connected! These labs help determine if you have gut inflammation and imbalances but even more importantly WHY…

So when your gut health is inflamed:

  • You’re not fully breaking down food and absorbing nutrition which leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that impair your ability to maintain neurotransmitter production of your dopamine, serotonin, and gaba that keeps you focused, motivated, happy, and calm. 
  • You’re not fully breaking down and absorbing protein which contains the amino acids needed to create dopamine which leaves you feeling low energy, unmotivated, and depressed.
  • Gut inflammation also makes you more prone to anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, poor immune system, and mystery pains.

We don’t guess, we test! These labs help uncover WHY you have gut inflammation/imbalances so we can repair your gut and improve your digestion and absorption of vitamins/minerals by uncovering things like:

  • fungal infection or parasites of the gut which causes a lot of brain fog, anxiety, bloating, and fatigue
  • bacterial overgrowth that can cause inflammation and leaky gut 
  • lack of digestive enzymes leading to impaired break down of food and nutrient absorption

If found in your labs, our program prioritizes gut rebalancing FIRST so we can improve digestion and reduce the brain fog and anxiety that's been weighing you down so you can get back to feeling energized and motivated to accomplish and do things that light you up. Most clients start to feel more energy and clearer thinking within a few weeks with full benefit after only 2 months and that's just with gut rebalancing alone.

A VERY important part of gut healing is nervous system regulation. In order to improve your gut health, maximize absorption of nutrition, and reduce anxiety and elevate your energy, we have got to get you out of fight or flight! Stress may be keeping you sick and we won't be skipping over stress reduction and nervous system regulation!


Step 3:  Replenish

Are you struggling with energy and motivation and it’s hard for you to exercise or even get simple daily things accomplished because you don't have the energy to get started…well a big part of that is likely due to vitamin/mineral deficiencies that result in low energy and low dopamine and serotonin production.

So, in the last step we worked on healing your gut so you could break down and absorb nutrition better because just throwing in a bunch of supplements isnt very effective if we don't heal and rebalance your gut FIRST.

So now we are ready to add in targeted supplementation based on your deficiencies shown in your labs. The guesswork is taken out and you will no longer need to waste money and time on trying different supplements just to throw them in your supplement graveyard in a couple weeks. I don't want you to think you HAVE to be on a crazy expensive supplement regimen for the rest of your life. These are targeted supplements based on your needs and you can absolutely use food instead of supplements and the lab test tells you specifically which foods to add in if you prefer to not use supplements. I personally love adding supplements though because I find that it gives my clients that extra energy boost, better sleep, and peace of mind knowing their bodies are getting what they need.

I make supplement taking as simple as possible by giving you an exact protocol to follow while also combining supplements when possible so you're not taking handfuls of supplements all day long, because remembering supplements several times a day can feel like another job. Supplements are worthless if you cant remember to take them or you feel too overwhelmed by the amount youre taking so we do our best to keep it simple yet effective. Working with your health coach will also give you amazing tips for making supplementation an easy habit to establish and want to keep up on.  And as an added bonus, we are able to get you discounts on high quality 3rd party tested supplements as well.

Step 4: Optimize Your Genetics

The fourth step is genetic testing which reveals your potential genetic risk for ADHD, distractibility, anxiety, burnout, depression, irritability, and stress. The beauty of genetics is that of course you can’t change your genetic makeup BUT you CAN support your genetics and change the way your genes express through diet, targeted supplements, lifestyle changes, and stress management. But we have to test first and knowing your genetics helps us get you the quickest results possible because it helps take the guesswork out and truly gives you a personalized approach based on your genetic makeup. Our genetic testing goes beyond mental and behavioral health and also gives amazing insight on how to optimize your health in general because your mental, physical, and emotional health are all connected and taking an holistic approach is the key to truly thriving. Just to give you a few examples of other areas covered with genetic testing:

  • Your genetic report will include detailed information and recommendation in the following areas:
    • 1. Mood & Behavior: 
      • Discover your genetic risk for stress, burnout, anxiety, focus, ADHD, distractibility, fear, irritation and depression. Knowing your risk in these areas helps you to know if genetics are playing a role and what changes you can be making with your diet, lifestyle, etc to support your genetics and reduce symptoms.
    •  2. Sleep: 
      • Optimize your natural sleep circadian rhythms in order to improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling rested and energized.
    • 3. Nutrition:
      • Genetic testing guides you in eating according to your genetic preferences which helps you maintain a healthy weight in addition to  avoiding potential food intolerances and understanding how to support your propensity for food addictions and emotional eating 
    • 4. Immunity: 
      • Uncover your vitamin D profile, MTHFR gene function, inflammation risk, and ability to property detox. These genetics all contribute to brain neurotransmitter production and mental health. Understanding your genetics in these areas will help you improve focus, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system function and improve your overall health.
    • 5. Cardiovascular: 
      • Discover your genetic risk for cardiovascular inflammation and high blood pressure in order to improve your heart health and lower your risk for cognitive decline over time due to plaque buildup.


The reason why genetic testing is so important is that without this insight, most people make the mistake of just blaming genetics only or feeling like they are stuck with their genetics and that there is nothing they can do to change or optimize them so why bother with testing. In reality knowing your genetics puts you on the fastrack because it gives you direction based on your personal genetic makeup so you can stop working against your genetics and start working with them for faster, more efficient results in so many areas NOT just mental health and ADHD.  Or if you had genetic testing done prior to working with me without guidance from a practitioner you probably don't know how to benefit from the information or implement the appropriate changes then frustration and overwhelm sets in and you do nothing.


So this program obviously goes beyond just mental health….

Step 5: Online Community Support

Access to our online community. This means additional support from others in the program who are equally as committed to positive change and a healthier version of themselves.

Other Bonuses Include:

  • Access to the Educational Portal which houses all record calls/educational videos, and masterclasses on many holistic topics 
  • 15% off your targeted supplements 
  • AND a low cost option for yearly functional lab testing to keep you on track 

Happy Client!

"When I found Kelly I was almost completely out of hope of living a normal life. I was constantly fatigued, super bloated and felt terrible after everything I ate and unable to lose weight, I had extreme brain fog and my anxiety and depression were at an all time high. After changing my depression and anxiety medication three times without any improvement and after 2 other doctors telling me I just needed more sleep since all my blood work came back normal I was starting to believe I was beyond help. I scheduled a consultation with Kelly as a last ditch effort at feeling human again and it has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. From the beginning Kelly made me feel extremely comfortable, she is incredibly friendly and facilitates a nonjudgmental and open dialogue which enables a strong provider and client connection that is often lacking in telemedicine. Kelly explains her thought process and reasoning behind that she performs. She takes her time going over your test results stopping to explain what each measurement means , how it applies to your body and steps to take to correct what is wrong. Kelly is so devoted to her clients, your wins are truly her wins. I can’t thank Kelly enough for giving me my life back! I’m off all my anxiety and depression medications, actually able to concentrate in school, and down 10 pounds without feeling crappy after every meal."

-Morgan S.

How Will This Program Work For You?

Labs and Genetics Testing

Functional labs help identify root causes and take the guesswork out, giving you the appropriate next steps taking you from the constant frustration of the brain fog, low energy, and debilitating anxiety you are experiencing to feeling on top of your game and free from the symptoms that have been dragging you down.

Monthly 1:1 Calls with your Functional Medicine Pharmacist

If you have never felt truly heard by health care professionals in the past, that changes now. This is the call where we connect the dots between your medical history, your symptoms, and your labs and genetics. You will leave this call feeling hopeful, excited, and motivated for the first time in a long time because you will have some answers and know the next steps you need to take to start improving your health.

Monthly 1:1 Calls with your Certified Health Coach

This program is heavy on the support and this call is all about simplifying the steps you need to take now to start feeling more energetic, focused, and less anxious. Your certified health coach is an expert in implementation  and will be giving you actionable steps needed to start making the necessary lifestyle changes. Don’t worry, she fully understands what it is like to struggle with forgetfulness, and lack of time management and motivation that can make improving your health while having ADHD so difficult. But, as your symptoms improve and new habits are created, you will be hooked because you will love who you are becoming in the process.

Access to Support Between Calls

And on top of that you'll have 1:1 access to myself and your health coach via the communication app Slack, so that we can coach you on the spot on the days you don't have calls with us. Plus this way if you get into a slump or have a question about your plan, we can support you without you having to wait until your next call with us. Your long term success is so important to us and this program is designed to give you big wins in order to create the momentum needed to keep achieving your health goals beyond this program.

Educational Portal

Gain access to our educational portal where we have countless recorded classes on many holistic topics from our team as well as guest speakers

Supplement Discounts

Not only will Kelly make sure you get the highest quality targeted supplements, but this program also gets you 15% off all your supplements for an entire 12 months.

What This Program ISN'T


A scam that promises overnight unrealistic promises. This is not about trendy diet products, starvation diets, or crazy detoxes. This is about receiving a personalized plan of action based on your labs and genetic findings. It’s about making sustainable changes to nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements that overtime lead to you feeling supercharged, motivated, and clear thinking. It’s about continued support from Kelly and her team. 


We don't use cheap labs or genetic testing. We only source our lab kits from well established and trustworthy labs who have a reputation for prompt accurate results.

True, sustainable change happens inside this group.


Are you ready to feel heard, supported, energized, motivated, and happy again?

Let’s do this together.

Your journey starts here. Join us and get ready to have your life changed in a huge positive way.


Questions? Think this program is the perfect fit for you? Click HERE To Book a Call w/ Kelly

Happy Client!

Working with Kelly has changed my life-yes, I know it sounds eye grabbing for a review, but stick with me and you’ll see why you NEED this woman in your life! I am a Physician Assistant, and the last three years working in the Pandemic nearly took me out. The stress, the sadness, the chaos-I did anything I could to just survive it all. And that meant a lot of poor lifestyle choices (binging, drinking, not exercising) to cope. I gained nearly 100lbs, and found myself sluggish, depressed, with persistent joint pain, sleeping poorly, and a level of brain fog that was affecting my ability to work. I found Kelly on TikTok, was a bit skeptical, and found myself completely convinced and excited after just the first call with this wonderful woman. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t developed any medical problems before attempting to get healthy again-so it was a great fit.

Through the entire process, Kelly helped me physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and has become an amazing mentor and friend. My brain fog is gone, my gut is no longer going haywire (INTESTINAL YEAST ANYBODY?!), my sleep cycle is regulated, I am waking up more energized, and I am NO LONGER ON ANY ANTI-DEPRESSANTS (all caps because HELL YES). I fell in love with functional medicine and the results I experienced while working with Kelly, and now have started my own business to try and help others the same way Kelly has helped me. Who writes a review like this when they are now *technically* a competitor?! That’s how good she is. If you’re on the fence, just take the call, I promise you’ll be so glad you did. Health and happiness to all who see this <3


(and now doctoral candidate for Functional Medicine and PA Studies!)

Still Have Questions?

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What Others Are Saying...

"Working with Kelly brought me so much clarity about my ADHD, anxiety, and off and on stomach issues. Not only did she do many labs and genetic testing which was really eye opening, but I felt HEARD for the first time ever. She took the time to listen and personalize a plan for me. Within a couple months of working with her, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and could actually focus without meds. We made simple changes to my diet, lifestyle, and supplements. No more traditional doctor visits for me. Functional medicine is life changing. Thank you Kelly!"

-Lauren P.

“I had always felt like no one really understood what I was feeling prior to working with Kelly. She truly listened to what I had to say and was able to explain to me the why behind how I was feeling.  I’ve had it all, from anxiety to chronic fatigue to gut issues to constant brain fog. I had all but accepted that this was just how things were always going to be for me, and then Kelly came into my life. I am only at the beginning of this new journey, but have already felt such an improvement just by implementing a few of Kelly’s recommendations that were tailored just to fit me. This chronic napper hasn’t felt the need for a nap in over a month, and my focus and concentration has been better than I even knew was possible. The fact that I know I am only getting started and Kelly is continually right by my side to help me along the way is just fueling my fire to continue to work towards being the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Thank you Kelly for genuinely caring about me! I am forever grateful that our paths crossed”

-Quinn P